Tidy House, Tidy Mind

Christmas and New Year can be such a fun and magical time of the year: twinkling lights everywhere, new outfits, tasty food and lots of booze. What more could you ask for? Well, if you’re like me and kinda over the whole festive celebrations (I mean it’s warm enough to be March out there) then you’re probably feeling run down.

The whole month of December had me so stressed out and that’s with me knowing that it wouldn’t be a perfect Christmas! There’s so much to do in December. Is it any wonder everybody feels a little tired come January 1st? You’ve got to try and budget for gifts as well as food, then you actually have to go to your hell hole of a shopping centre full of angry, stressed shoppers to get said gifts and in the end you spend a ton of cash and nothing on yourself. Am I right? Maybe I’m just a mug…

Anyway I am so glad that it’s all over but for the past week my head was still so fuzzy and dazed with zero explanation as to why. I took a (well-deserved) break from EVERYTHING: work, social media, housework…and that’s when it hit me. My house was a bloody tip. I don’t even mind admitting this because I know I wasn’t the only one.

This reminded me of the old saying “tidy house; tidy mind” and just how true it actually is. Don’t worry I’m not saying you have to go all “Mrs Hinch” (truth be told I’ve yet to witness the magic of Hinch) but when I looked around at my home all I saw was: crumpled up wrapping paper and packaging piled sky high in the corner, guests dishes stacking up and Christmas decorations following me upstairs and all of this was subconsciously dragging me down. So, as much as it pained me I got my cleaning head on and started. God bless all you who can afford a cleaner! Although I must admit I do find some therapy in cleaning it’s like I clean all my worries away and I guess that’s part of the proof that the old saying really is true.

Of course the biggest piece of evidence to big up this quote is when you finally sit down, take a breath and look around you. Believe me you will feel so much better and focussed. Obviously it’s not as easy as I’ve made it sound.

Like everything else you get out what you put in but just starting small can make a big difference to your home and your mental health.

photo credit: Paweł Jusyn Double exposed via photopin (license)

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