The Dilemma of the 48 Hour Rule

I don’t want to ruin the rest of this blog for you-but basically, the title of it is slightly misleading.  The dilemma of the 48 hour rule is actually a made up dilemma-because in harsh reality there is NO dilemma.

The “dilemma” is made up by selfish parents, who happily send their germ-ridden cherubs, into preschool/school without a thought for those children who pick up every bug/germ going.

This issue has been a long, tiresome and constant in my life-because I happen to own two of those children-the ones who come home with a sore throat, because they’ve sat next to ‘Brian’ for a week, who had a “tickly cough”, but then gave my child strep throat.

So lets discuss this 48 hour rule, for those of you who are still in the dark as to why it exists (and why it should be adhered to).

The 48 hour rule means any staff member or child, within an educational setting, are to be away or excluded from the premises, until they have been free of symptoms for 48 hours, and feel well.  This means 48 hours since your last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.

This rule is for any sickness or diarrhoea-not just the ones you think might be a bug-if you child vomits, or can suddenly shit through the eye of a needle, you keep them off for 48 hours.

The bullshit excuses where parents try and justify their reasoning for sending their child in after vomiting/diarrhoea, really don’t cut it for me.  Because while “Brian” skips in full of beans, he’s leaving a trail of what I like to call “vomit vermin” behind him.  Every surface your child touches, every area they breathe in, is an area my child will visit too-and is an area they will inevitably, and also (because they’re all filthy),  they will then put their hands to their mouth/face.  Cue 12-48 hours later, and I’m trying to catch puke in a hurriedly emptied bin, that my child has thrown up, exorcist style.

Look, I get it, you work, you don’t get tons of time off for germy kids-you want to go back and earn money.  But I wouldn’t shit myself one evening, rock up to your workplace the next day, and touch everything you’ll touch, then watch as you go down with the same thing-that’s effectively what you’re doing when you’re sending your child into my child’s school.

Rules are there for a reason-we all learnt that at our own schools didn’t we….?  This one is there to prevent the spread of infection, and therefore protect others.

So basically?  Don’t send your germ-ridden children into school if they’ve been sick or had the shits within 48 hours before.  It’s really that simple-no excuses!

photo credit: marcoverch Mädchen mit Wecker in Händen via photopin (license)
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  • Leoni

    A few years ago my eldest got sick right around the time of the Christmas discos, parties and fetes. She was so sad to miss them all, but I took her in for her afternoon class party (when she was exactly 50 hours vomit free) so many parents asked why I didn’t just send her to school for the whole day 🤔 some people even said it was cruel to make her miss all of the fun stuff when she was clearly better.
    Nope. Im 100% with you, 48 hours is there for a reason!

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