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Our Daughter’s Daughters Will Adore Us

“Our daughter’s daughters will adore us – and they’ll sing in grateful chorus – well done!”

A rather iconic scene from a rather iconic movie. Mary Poppins is a movie from my childhood that stands out for many reasons.

Notably the amazing soundtrack, the wishful thinking of snapping your fingers and the room tidying itself, being able to jump into paintings on the pavements and join the wonderful world of the colourful characters.

But that scene of Mrs Bank’s marching around her hallway, proudly singing and sporting the ‘Votes For Women’ sashes. That scene has always stuck with me. From childhood to adulthood.

And when it came to my time to exercise my right to vote – I’ve always made damn sure I have. There may be the delicate case of picking the best from a bad bunch. But having that opportunity.

That right.

To be able to decide and have my say about who from that bunch. That’s what matters. As a few generation’s prior to mine, I would not have had this privilege.

And as Mrs Banks so proudly sings “Our daughters’ daughters will adore us”.We do.

We adore these women that fought for our right to have a voice. Our right to play a part in the decision of whom should lead us.

This is something that I will install in my own daughter. To always exercise her right to vote. Especially now – at a time when modern day issues for women are being pushed to the forefront of the politicians again.

The hard work of Joeli from Pregnant Then Screwed and Anna from Mother Pukka who are campaigning for better rights as working mothers. In a world where we try to have it all and can have it all. Women who have fought for us to vote. To work. Who are still fighting for equal pay.

Yet it all still comes at a cost.

Where we experience burn out because of the old-school systems. Systems that still need work on. To move forward for a more balanced society mentally and financially. The old-school industrial 9-5 working day. The incompatibility of the working day and week with the pattern of school holidays.

The cost of childcare seeing companies loose skilled, experienced and knowledgeable women. The lack of flexible working losing many more.

So, at a time where Joeli and Anna are getting closer to pushing these topics into Parliament, a collective of voices coming together as one again.

If we want the work that these modern-day suffragettes, who are campaigning to avoid the current burn out both financially and mentally that new parents, both men and women, incur- to pay off. To see that women are not penalised for procreating and still trying to grasp on to a career. Or any kind of employment.

So that our daughters’ daughters will adore us.

Then as women, it starts with ensuring we exercise our right to vote.

And if there’s one film you watch with your Little Ladies, make sure it’s Mary Poppins.

photo credit: Matt From London The littlest suffragette via photopin (license)

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