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Have Parenting Blogs Had Their Day?

I know how that sounds, especially from an actual parenting blogger! But there is method behind the madness so just hear me out…

Instagram has been growing in popularity for years, with over an eighth of the world’s population using the app. In 2016, 95 million posts were uploaded a day and the chances are that, that statistic has increased largely by now. There’s also been an 80% increase, year on year, for videos whether that’s Stories, on your feed or their new feature, IGTV.

So why am I telling you this?

As a blogger, I research the platforms I use to promote my work and while Facebook gets me the most traffic to my website, Instagram is the one I enjoy the most. The “Big Trend” for 2019 is videos. People are responding more to those than the still photos we’re so used to seeing on our Instagram feeds. Seeing this prediction caused me to question the written blogs which have taken over the Internet in recent years.

Just the other day, I had a discussion with my husband about whether newspapers would always be a thing or whether they’d die out with more and more people finding out the news via social media or websites. Could this be the same for blogs?

The reason I’ve focused on parenting blogs for this piece is because I’m familiar with them. I’ve had my blog for 4 years now and I’ve dipped in and out as things have changed. It started out as a food blog surrounding weaning my son but once he was weaned and I had my second child, my blog evolved into what it is today. However, there are so many parenting blogs out there now that it’s really hard to get noticed. Creating a blog or even an Instagram account is free. I had a free blog site up until November 2017. Anyone can become a writer these days, they just need access to the Internet.

Looking at the big names in the parenting influencer category at the moment, not many of them have blogs. Or if they do, they’re concentrating more on either Instagram content or YouTube videos. Have we grown bored of reading endless blogs on weaning, breast vs bottle and the Terrible Two’s?

Even though I’ve written this, I hope not. Writing is what I do; as well as blogging, I’m a freelance writer. It’s the only thing I’m good at! I mentioned further up that Facebook is the main source of traffic from my blog and I think the reason for that is because the link is there for you to click on. If you’ve got below 10k followers on Instagram, you don’t have the swipe up feature on your Stories. Promoting a blog post requires someone to go onto your profile, click the link in your bio and then find the post. We don’t have the time for that, especially as busy parents.

In order for us to keep the Written Word in blog form, we all need to make a conscious decision to support the writers. Share a blog post of one you like, mention them on a Follow Friday, offer to guest post for them if you’re a blogger yourself; there are so many ways to give that moral support. I can’t tell you how many people have said they like reading my blogs, yet they haven’t shared a post I’ve written or even left a comment. I appreciate the love and I don’t want that to come across as ungrateful because that’s not it at all! I just feel that sometimes I’m writing into the void because I don’t get any feedback from my readers.

So if you want blogs to carry on, whether that’s parenting ones or any other genre, support the writers. They need it more than you think.

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