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    There Is No Age Limit On Self Harm

    The first time my mum saw the angry red welts on my arms she walked away from me, her head held down and tears in her eyes. I guess she didn’t understand the whys and to be honest, neither did I. I don’t remember the first time I drew a blunt pair of scissors (my favoured instrument of pain) across my arms or legs. I knew that to make sure I didn’t need medical attention I’d have to use something that wouldn’t necessarily cause the skin to open and bleed but the pain and the raised red welts it left was enough of a satisfying outcome for me. I didn’t…

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    5 Reasons Why The Class WhatsApp Group Is The Gateway To Hell

    So, your child is starting reception. You want them to make friends. You want to make friends with the other parents, maybe find a kindred sprit to text about your shit husbands and drink cheap wine on play dates with. When a class parents suggests setting up a Whatsapp group for you all to stay in stay in the school loop and arrange play dates, and help each other out with drops offs and pick ups you think it’s a marvelous idea. You’ve not been down the pub since 1864 and you are desperate to make new friends to get out the fucking house – I get it. I get…

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    5 Reasons Why I Stayed In An Abusive Relationship For 7 Years

    It’s a Friday evening as I write this. I’m sitting on my sofa, half-watching a feature about Duran Duran on Top Of The Pops 2, sipping on a can of 7 up and hoping my 3 children sleep through the night (spoiler: they definitely won’t…) I’m wearing mismatched pyjamas. My other half is in the kitchen washing the dishes and listening to the radio. We’ll probably ignore each other for another hour or so while we do our own things, then we’ll head up to bed and ignore each other there too… but in a nice way. It’s that comfortable kind of ignoring…the kind where you both just want a bit…