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    The S Word

    So many are afraid to say it, aren’t they? That word. That whispered taboo. Why do we dance around it? Why don’t we just talk about it? What exactly is it that are we so afraid of? Why are we so afraid to hear of it and so afraid to open up about it? Suicide. It steals so many lives. Every day. Every minute. It devastates families, seizes lives yet to really live, leaves children motherless, women as widows, friends feeling the blame and questioning why they didn’t see the signs. Why is it after someone has taken their life that we begin to pour out support and preach about…

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    9 Reasons Why Retail Workers Hate You

    Are you heading off to the Boxing Day and January sales this week? If so here’s just a little reminder on how not to piss off our nations retail workers… 1. Late night shoppers The time is approaching 9:50pm, we’re staring at those last ten minutes as they drag painfully past, dreaming of escaping this mundane hell. Feet aching, heads bouncing, we are hastily ushering out those last, idle shoppers, getting ready to close up shop and BAM, in strolls the casual idiot who deems it acceptable to roll in five minutes before closing time. HELLOOO?? Ambling around the aisles, BROWSING the bargains. Evidently deciding that TONIGHT would be the most appropriate time…