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    5 Reasons Why 2019 is the Year We Start Fostering

    For years we’ve been thinking about fostering but for a long time my wife and I felt that our circumstances just weren’t right. We had a baby, I went to Uni, we had a second baby, I stayed on at Uni, my wife started Uni. Mostly the money side of things has been a scary prospect as not having a ‘job’ – in the traditional sense of going to a place of work – has always felt so daunting. Finally, though, we have decided to take the plunge and just go for it. We’ve done our research, we know a lot about what we’re getting ourselves into and we’ve organised…

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    5 Reasons Why I Know My Child Has Autism

      When we told our friends and family that we believe Olive has autism, the responses were varied. We faced questions such as, “Are you sure?” or, “But she seems fine though.” (what even is fine?) But those that know us best, they trusted that we wouldn’t just throw ourselves head first into the diagnosis process (which can take YEARS) without being absolutely sure of it ourselves. 1. Her emotional response does not match the situation Olive really struggles with her emotions. There are times when she just bursts into tears for what is seemingly the slightest thing. There was a moment when I didn’t ask the takeaway for curry…

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    5 Reasons Why I Home Educate

    1. There is more to life than English and Maths This might be a controversial statement in today’s world but seriously, English and Maths isn’t everything. Is it important? Of course it is and we will certainly be spending time making sure that Olive and Luna can read, write and “do maths”, but it is not the only subject in the world (despite what our government might think). Home education allows us to explore those other subjects. We want to engage them in music, art, geography, history, science, science and more science. Instead of my child telling me what a fronted adverbial is, I would rather she learns how to…