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    5 Reasons Why I Won’t Home Educate My Second Child

    I love home education. I think it’s wonderful. I think that it is absolutely the best way for most young children. Formal education in this country starts way too soon. We expect our tiny four year olds to learn phonics, to have an interest in reading and writing and to have the ability to concentrate when actually, most of them would rather be picking their noses and kicking the shit out of each other. I home educated my first child until he was nine years old when he decided to go to school for year 4. Obviously, there is a much longer story behind that including a divorce (me, not…

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    5 Reasons Why The Class WhatsApp Group Is The Gateway To Hell

    So, your child is starting reception. You want them to make friends. You want to make friends with the other parents, maybe find a kindred sprit to text about your shit husbands and drink cheap wine on play dates with. When a class parents suggests setting up a Whatsapp group for you all to stay in stay in the school loop and arrange play dates, and help each other out with drops offs and pick ups you think it’s a marvelous idea. You’ve not been down the pub since 1864 and you are desperate to make new friends to get out the fucking house – I get it. I get…

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    No DSS

    You know when people love a certain decade so much that they indulge themselves in it. Live it. Breathe it. Wear the winklepicker shoes and backcomb their hair into beehive submission every morning? They remind me of letting agents. Letting agents who love to put a short sentence at the end of ninety nine percent of adverts for rental properties; the sentence that strikes fear into the heart of renters on a low income or those in receipt of full benefits; the words acronym that should have died out with the end of Thatcher; always in bold type the words: NO DSS I like to think of them typing out…