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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Alternative Parenting Methods

Parenting is an ongoing learning lesson that no one is an expert or professional at. It’s a learn-as-you-go experience that lasts a super long time. While you can always ask for advice from family, seek PhD help from a doctor who wrote a book on it, or just “wing-it” and hope you’re doing the right thing, parenting is probably the one thing you will always have questions about. It’s the one thing in life I question myself on from time-to-time because I’m constantly learning. While many people have their own parenting doctrine, here’s five reasons why you should try alternative methods to parenting.

  1. You open yourself up to ideas. Trying different parenting methods means you are actively and objectively seeking solutions to different parenting problems you may have. There’s more than one way to correct a wrong when your child misbehaves just like there’s more than one option for diapers.
  2. You think critically about the different approaches you can take to solve an issue. Some people say it’s wrong to hit a child when they act out, others believe it to be an acceptable consequence to misbehavior. Thinking critically about these different methods can lead you to think about WHY your child is acting out. What is the root cause? Can you solve the problem without hitting your child?
  3. You can accept the trial-and-error of parenting. No one is perfect and there is no perfect method for raising a child. We’re all human after all and the point is to learn from mistakes, not harbor them in our minds and beat ourselves up for them. What do you want for your child? How can you successfully implement rules, boundaries, and protect their best interest all at the same time without being the bad guy?
  4. You can learn different was to manage family time. Tired of always cleaning up after the kids? Never have homework done on time? Kids need time invested into them besides the money you make at work that pays the bills. How can you invest quality time to get homework done so you can sit down and watch a family movie together or eat a quality dinner at the table together?
  5. You learn things about your children. Every child has their own personality, just like we do. And if you’ve ever been a supervisor of a group of adults or a teacher at a school, you’ll know you can’t talk to everyone in the same way. Personalities and differences are human nature and vary by individual.

If there was a parenting handbook that was right about everything you ever needed to know about parenting, that person would be a billionaire and all our questions would be answered. Trying different methods means you’re open to suggestions and are actively looking for better ways to be a parent. Keep an open dialogue with your children and spouse and find what works for you.


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