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5 Reasons Why It’s OK To Not Like Your Children

As parents we’ve all been there, where our kids have driven us mad all day with constant demands, questions and tantrums.  We feel that although we love them to bits, there is a tiny bit of us that doesn’t like the person we brought into this world.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to not like your child from time to time!  It doesn’t make you a terrible parent it makes you an honest parent.  I’m sure there are times where you don’t much like your significant other too but I bet you don’t feel as guilty of question whether this is normal or not.  It is, we cant like something or someone 100% of the time, can we?  Here are my 5 reasons it’s ok to not like your children.

1  They Are Messy AF

From the moment our precious little bundle comes into the world, we’’ll be cleaning up their shit (literally for the first few years) until the day they move out.  They leave clothes, toys and stuff everywhere!  No matter how often you ask them nicely to put it away, it sits and sits and sits, until finally you end up moving it.  They never seem to lift a finger to help with household chores unless we bribe them with pocket money or treats.

2  They’re The Reason We Can’t Have Nice Things

Children are clumsy and tend to break things (mine does anyway). They are the reason we can’t get that expensive new sofa for fear of them putting their grubby little hands all over it. They knock over and break stuff all the time.

3  They Don’t Understand The Concept Of Personal Space

We’ve all been there at some point or another, when all you’ve wanted to do, was going to the toilet in peace,  even if you manage to lock the door, your precious little one is banging on the door, shouting to get in.  Or your sitting minding your own business and they decided that you would make a much better seat than the 3 empty chairs in the living room.  Just for once I would like to eat my breakfast in peace without my child trying to eat my toast for me.

4  It’s Like Living With A Dictator

I’m sure I read something once that said toddlers are like little psychopaths and dictators.  I agree with that 110%, my son is 2 and we are smack bang in the middle of the terrible twos and he is so hard to please it feels like we will be exiled or punished if we do not meet his constantly changing demands.

5  They Can Be Sooooo Noisy

We’ve all got this one level of noise that tips us over the edge, where we see red and the fury starts to bubble up inside..  For some unknown reason our children can locate that level with ease.  They will keep playing with or doing whatever that makes that particular noise just to mess with you,  least mine does.   He has this one toy he plays with (at his grandparents) as he’s playing with it he watches you to see how long it will take for you to tell him off, if that doesn’t scream psychopath I don’t know what does.


I know anyone reading this is probably thinking I should have thought of this before having my child and I did!  This is meant as a light hearted look on parenting and should not be taken seriously!

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