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5 Reasons Why I Love Being A Virtual Assistant

Show me a parent who isn’t chasing that illusive perfect work/life balance.

Hey, I’m not even sure if it exists but I do know that when you love what you do it certainly feels like less of an issue…

My son was 11 months old and far from sleeping through the night when I started my Virtual Assistant business Admin Angels in 2016. There’s been incredible highs and devastating lows. But looking ahead, as my husband has just joined the business fulltime, I’m genuinely excited for our future and my only regret is not being brave and doing it sooner!

So, here’s five reasons why I love being a Virtual Assistant…

  1. No More Drama And Office Politics

Being a Virtual Assistant isn’t for everyone. Building a remote business is hard, some days it makes parenting look like a breeze! But, one of the perks is that you get to choose who you work with. No more office drama or politics!

  1. Personal Growth

Maybe I’ve always been in the wrong jobs but the level of personal growth I’ve experienced since I started my business has been phenomenal. When you become self-employed there are so many ‘hats’ to wear, so many decisions to make. You have to learn how to do it all…sales, marketing, finance, operations… I’ve learned so much about myself and discovered skills and traits I didn’t know I had!

  1. Fulfilment…

Find what starts a fire in your belly and do that, right? Well, to me, knowing (and seeing!) the positive impact I’m having on my amazing client’s lives and businesses really lights me up.

  1. I Set My Own Schedule

How and when I work is down to me. These days, I have much more control over my working day and there’s no more wasted hours commuting. It’s tough being self-employed but it’s the ‘little’ things that make it all worthwhile. Things like enjoying breakfast with my family in the morning and very rarely missing bath and bed time. Time is so very precious, and I LOVE knowing that I’m in control of my own schedule. I take my client commitments very seriously and as long as they are met then I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to take the afternoon off, enjoy a nap or finish early.

  1. The Potential…

The harder I work, the more hours I put in the more I earn. I’m no longer getting paid to show up every day. Yes, it’s a bit scary not having a stable salary or a fixed payday but the sky is the limit! All the hard work I am putting in now is to benefit me and my family, that is what motivates me to keep on learning, growing and pushing on.


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